NO !

We must not try to make a child lose weight. Do not diet for a growing child. It is necessary to flee drastic regimes in paediatrics without major medical reason.

This would make him lose weight temporarily, but especially resume much more in a second time. The child would then reject the balanced diet. It is necessary to pay attention of the child’s eating habits at the time of the consultation and to adapt to it to lay the foundation stone of the pyramid of the balanced diet.

We must go smoothly, at the speed of the child, also explaining to parents the reasons for new choices. Do not blame the child but explain the functioning of his body with simple words. The role of the parents is essential because they have to help their child by offering him the food adapted to his needs.

Avoiding fatty, salty, sweet products is already the basic concept, but food knowledge is often altered by advertisements. Most parents make mistakes during the races thinking of doing well. The priority is to give the child’s body what it needs for growth, giving it the building bricks. Nutritional requirements in pediatrics are specific to those of adults. Putting a child on a diet means not giving him what he needs to grow up. Mistrust must be kept on the « miracle diets » for children. A food professional should not starve a child to lose weight. The long-term effects would not be positive. Knowing the needs of your children and knowledge of food is the only effective care, and it can only be done with a real professional.