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Motivation to lose weight

Motivation to lose weight

How to keep motivation in the weight loss process ?

In consultation in nutrition, the main patients desire is to lose weight. There are many motivations to it. But sometimes, motivation’s going away by the diet time.

Losing weight can be experienced as a privation time. That is not. It’s important to be aware of your body needs to follow the path of slimming with confidence and determination.

Intrinsic motivation

In most of the cases, losing weight is a desire for patients because of intrinsic causes, before the extrinsic ones. That’s pretty much it: You compare yourself to the magazine standards; you can’t even fit in these trousers anymore, and your mental health is slowly impacted.

To lose weight allows you to feel better, to improve significantly your health, but also your self-image and your self-confidence.

But losing weight needs efforts. Some patients already tried, monitored by themselves or helped by a professional, but didn’t succeed to reach their goals or then to stabilize them.

First of all, to succeed the weight loss process, you must be motivated. But the simple fact of being motivated to come in a weight loss consultation isn’t sufficient to reach your goals. It’s important to take action to start the slimming process.

”The weight loss process doesn’t have to be considered as a restrictive diet, but as the takeover of your food habits, for your body and your health” P. Nourtier

Extrinsic help in weight loss motivation

Losing weight with a nutritionist is not to content oneself with “an efficient diet”. It’s to understand how works your body, and knowing which are his food needs, without forgetting the pleasure notion. Then, your nutritionist can help you to find your motivation, but he can’t take action for you.

The efforts have to be continued in time. It’s imperative to reevaluate them and adapt them during the slimming time, and by the following time. That’s why nutritional monitoring is the key to success.

When you’ll have to face the life events as holidays, annual leaves, festivities or even during the actual lockdown time that affects Europe, it will be necessary to adapt the actions. The food program, during the diet and even after, is of course adapted to the life situations.

Finally, when goals are reached, the balanced diet is already acquired.

During the weight loss process, all the nutritional bases are settled to finally assure stabilization.

”One day, a patient told me: ‘Nutrition isn’t punishment’. And that’s exactly this kind of representation that we have to transmit”. P. Nourtier To book an appointment with your nutritionist in London or to have more info, feel free to contact us via the Contact section