Private Nutrition Clinic Services

Private Nutrition Clinic Services

Weight Loss

My nutrition consultation in my privte clinic in Harley Street:
Nutritional management is different for each patient. It is a personalised care for each patient, which depends on his personal goals, the environment of his life and the moment chosen.

All personal, professional, emotional, social factors … are taken into account to establish a nutritional program or a tailored diet. The goal is to reach the objectives defined, without being hungry, by learning all the bases of the balanced diet, so as to be able to apply them in a sustainable way. From the first consultation, the future bases of stabilisation are envisaged for a certain success.

The main objective is not to resume so as not to fall into an eternal renewal. The only solution is to understand how his body works, and that’s what I teach you from the first session.

The learning of stabilisation begins at the first consultation with your dietitian nutritionist


The nutrition of the child (0 to 18 years) is a completely different approach than for the adult. We are not talking about diet or restrictions.
It’s about getting to know and choosing foods, to respond to different phases of growth. It is the establishment of a balanced diet.

For a child’s weight management:
My method is based on the recommendations of the REPOP (Prevention Network of Obesity in Pediatrics), Professor Claude Ricour of Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris.

The priority is not to lose weight, but to stop weight gain that is not proportional to growth
The consultation of dietetics and nutrition in pediatrics is above all to listen and reassure the child. It is encouraging and supporting him in his approach in line with his family.


A nutritionist in Harley Street, London for your pregnancy and breastfeeding follow-up.

La grossesse est un des plus beaux moments dans la vie d’une femme. En créant la vie, les besoins nutritionnels de la femme évoluent. Pendant l’allaitement, les besoins nutritionnels de la jeune maman ne sont pas revenus à la normale. La nutrition adaptée à l’allaitement permet d’apporter la meilleure alimentation aux besoins de bébé, tout en aidant la maman à retrouver sa ligne.

Le nutritionniste permet à la femme enceinte de répondre aux besoins de bébé ainsi qu’aux siens. C’est optimiser la croissance du futur nourrisson en écoutant les besoins physiologiques de la future maman.

Les besoins nutritionnels au cours de la grossesse évoluent, c’est pourquoi il faut personnaliser l’alimentation.

Eating Disorders

Nutritionist In Harley Street : the most common cases of eating disorders are bulimia, anorexia, hyperphagia.

The consultation at a nutritionist allows to speak; to express his fears and his food anxieties to better control them. It is also to learn the knowledge of food, on which there are too often received ideas to re-tame his body, his needs, his desires, to learn to love his body.

Recognise foods, understand nutrient combinations and a first step towards success


Nutritionist food intolerance in London
Nutritional management of allergies and food intolerances concerns: gluten, lactose, cow’s milk protein, peanut …
Medically diagnosed food allergies affect only a tiny fraction of the world’s population and require definitive exclusion (for life) of a defined food. Allergies are often diagnosed early and lead to many complications that can be life-threatening.

The food intolerance that affects more people in our population is transient and will be subject to a gradual and controlled reintroduction in an indefinite time. Food intolerances are manifested by various digestive disorders that temporary food exclusion will improve rapidly.
Nutritional management is essential because it helps to identify responsible food families and improves quality of life.


The nutritionist adapts the dietary pattern to the pathology of the patient, taking into account his specific needs. All dietary pathologies, including diabetes, are treated in consultation dietetics and nutrition.
The various pathologies supported in consultation are diabetes: (NIDDM – Diabetes Non Insulin Dependent, and DID – Diabetes Insulin Dependent)
Weight is a constant concern in all type 2 diabetics. About 80% of type 2 diabetics are overweight or obese.

It should be remembered that a loss of 5 to 10% of the initial weight alone is accompanied by a reduction of 0.5% in HbA1c. Your dietitian nutritionist in Paris can help you monitor your weight.

To control your diet is to control your blood sugar levels and delay the progression of the disease.


Sports nutrition is an adaptation of the nutritional balance based on the physiological needs of the sport practiced and its frequency. Practicing physical activity increases the metabolism which increases the nutritional needs.
Nutritional management of athletes by a dietician nutritionist meets the following demands: Fat loss, lean muscle mass and weight gain, lean mass drying, increase performance
Manage competitions: Before / After / After, Improve recovery time

Sports nutrition is giving your body the means to become more efficient.