Athlete's nutrition

Athlete’s nutrition

Athletes’ nutrition: Feeding the performance, it’s giving its body the best fuel. Food is the key to physical performance. Giving its body and its muscles the best nutrients choice is decisive for athletes.

There is no miracle solution to enhance its performance or to take mass. There are even fewer miracle products.

The consultation in sport nutrition determines the physiological needs of the body considering the physical activity, the frequency and the objectives of the patient.

The consultation allows to correct the food errors classically encountered in the athlete who applies advice that are not adapted or justified.

First thing first, it’s important de re-establish the basics of the food balance before developing an appropriate nutritional program. The choice of food and the nutrients association is decisive to optimise the physical performances. Learning to know the needs of the muscles to go further.

« I often say to the patients who come in sport consultation that we don’t ask to a pupil in year 2 to do a 12 pages dissertation! It is essential to re-establish the basics to be able to work effectively and durably. »

The main demands :

  • Improve the performance and the physical recovery
  • Prepare for a competition
  • Cutting without any performance loss
  • Slim by doing sport
  • Lean mass gain
  • Improve its recovery times

There is no magical aliment or product, a healthy food with the right nutrient distribution is the solution.

The consumption of sport products must be supervised by a professional to avoid bad quality products and unnecessary expenses.

For a Sport Nutrition consultation, precise this reason during your call to take an appointment.

The athlete nutrition for all!

Athletes improve durably their performance.