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At the beginning of pregnancy, restoring a balanced diet allows the future mom to meet her baby’s nutritional needs as well as her own. Sometimes, it can be such an improvement that it could help her not gain weight during the first weeks of pregnancy, while staying in a great shape.

« Fully healthy during pregnancy, to give life”

Pregnant women need to eat healthy in order to provide their bodies with the essential nutrients for the growth of their babies, but also for their own body needs during pregnancy.

When Hearing what pregnant women need and crave, a balanced diet becomes necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The goal however isn’t weight loss, in most cases, it is not recommended for a pregnant woman to follow diets for this purpose.

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible times in a woman’s life. What’s more precious than the gift of giving life? However, a pregnant woman needs to keep her eating habits simple and healthy. It is OK to indulge from times to times, it’s certainly better to gain two pounds while being happy and satisfied than being miserable and upset otherwise. The comfort of the future mom definitely comes first so she can be able to welcome her baby in the best conditions.

Besides a good balanced diet, other concerns are often encountered during pregnancy :

Blood sugar level

In order to manage blood sugar level or gestational diabetes, we should understand certain mechanisms of digestion to monitor blood sugar spikes after meals. Explaining these mechanisms for every pregnant woman is for me the key to understand what’s going on in her body in order to change certain unhealthy habits. The purpose of a good nutrition is to mechanically avoid blood sugar spikes to limit their consequences and all further medical treatments associated to that.

Pregnancy Fatigue

Some women experience tiredness throughout their pregnancy, which is why it is recommended to have a balanced nutrition and to follow good “lifestyle and diet” advices provided in this matter to reduce this fatigue while giving the body all the essential nutrients that it needs for a better functioning.


It is very common for pregnant women to experience nausea at the beginning of pregnancy, but they are certainly not dangerous and they go away quite fast. During these times, it is natural for the future mom to give in to her food cravings and it is absolutely not recommended to make her feel guilty about it. In most cases, everything naturally goes back to normal and nausea disappears.


Digestion problems can be increased, but re-organizing eating habits and following precise “lifestyle and diet” advices can help with these issues. A good guideline and simple rules, can definitely allow a rapid improvement. A temporary constipation can definitely be fixed by seeking advices of a nutritionist.


For moms who intend to breast feed their babies, good eating habits are essential for the composition of breast milk to meet the nutritional needs of the baby. However, during breast-feeding, the comfort of the young mommy is just as important as her baby’s.

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