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Lose weight while stay at home

Teleconsultation in nutrition

Since the first confinement, I’ve had to adapt myself to the situation, to allow my patients to know the continuity of their nutritional monitoring, but also to allow new patients to start their losing weight process.

Nowadays, teleconsultation in nutrition is more and more common. Indeed, telemedicine makes life of many people easier, especially during this sanitary crisis: the online activities are, in the end, winners.

Teleconsultation presentation 

Teleconsultation is a classic medical consultation but made by distance: It means, by a phone call or a video call. It necessitates same standards and rules than presential consultation, and is designated for all patients, without any exception. 

In nutrition, only weight measure is necessary during the physical consultation. But the patient can also measure it at home, and then making the choice of a teleconsultation, which will be the same quality than his last consultation in the medical cabinet of his nutritionist.

Advantages of an online consultation in nutrition

Reduce contacts between people

In this pandemic period, online consultation really shows a helpful way to fight against the virus. Indeed, sick people wouldn’t have any contact neither with medical assistants, nor other patients in the waiting room, nor the doctor. We have to notice that contacts between people are considered as the major way of transmission of this virus. Recommendations are to try to do a maximum of their activities from home, and consultation in nutrition takes part of it.

Gain time

With the online consultation, you can forget the preparation, the coming effort, and the waiting time at the nutritionist. It represents a real gain of time to people who makes the choice of the online consultation in nutrition and allows them to dedicate some more of this time to their hobbies, family, or even work. Teleconsultation protects you, while, also allows you to gain time.

Enjoy your place

To consult a nutritionist with this system of teleconsultation allows the patient to meet his practitioner in a calm and relaxing space, as it’s his environment itself. Teleconsultation knows the advantage to be far from stress and anxiety sources that could be created by the outside world.

Avoid boredom

It’s pretty much common that your nutritionist would be late, and then he makes his patients wait. When the patient chooses teleconsultation, it’s now no more a problem, as he’s at home and can stay occupied in his environment, until his nutritionist come online.

Possibility to share with the practitioner by e-mail

Another point of the teleconsultation in nutrition: possibility to share with the nutritionist by e-mail. The first consultation questionnaire can be complete at home when the patient wants it. He could be more confident, concentrate, and avoid to forget some things to notice in when he completes it at his place.

The patient will then receive by e-mail the synthesis about his last teleconsultation.

Teleconsultation allows each patient, for those who wish it, to lose weight without moving outside!

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