Pascal Nourtier


Why the stabilization’s principle is this important in the weight loss process?

According to last studies, only 15 to 20% of patients which lost weight definitely stabilize.

The weight loss process could be compared to mathematics. I often tell my patients: “First of all, it’s 50% mathematics, 50% psychology. Then, you have to be ready to welcome change to succeed. Losing weight needs efforts. To stabilize and to not regain require the acceptance of changing.”

An adapted weight loss method centred on the stabilization

There is no miracle method to lose weight. To each patient who comes to me with a weight loss desire, I provide an adapted method to his needs and goals.

My first concern is to introduce the final stabilization since the first appointment. Indeed, the main thing is not to lose weight: it’s to not regain it by time. Ending with a stable weight in the following years is the target. That’s why it has to be approached and worked on since the beginning of the process.

These are two fundamentals points for a successful weight loss:

  • Initiate a real and apparent slimming,
  • Prepare the stabilization by teaching the body functioning to the patient.

Most of the patient who is losing weight is depriving themselves too suddenly and during too long periods. They make the mistake to not respect the different stabilization’s steps. That’s why it’s relevant to follow a real weight loss method by being accompanied by a professional.

Above all, every patient has to lose weight by his own rhythm. And this point is massively respected during the process with a nutritionist.

Long term beneficial effects of a correct stabilization

I accompany the patient on the type of weight loss he would like (slow, progressive, fast), while respecting his body needs. I especially explain to him the potential risks if he suddenly gives up to these news habits.

It’s important to note that all the stabilization principles are acquired step by step along the monitoring and this from the beginning of the process.

An accompanied and controlled weight-loss process with stabilization included is not unsafe. Indeed, it allows on long terms to reduce all disorders related to overweight and obesity as:

  • Chronic tiredness, breathlessness,
  • Self-image,
  • Cardiac issues,
  • Joints issues,
  • Cholesterol, triglyceride,
  • Hypertension,

To conclude, each patient has the ability to succeed, by his motivation, and by learning his body functioning. By this way, the stabilization will be effective, and all benefits would be gotten. To book an appointment with your nutritionist in London or to have more info, feel free to contact us via the Contact section.