Pascal Nourtier

Weight Loss

The magical solution to lose weight does NOT exist !

Weight Loss

I suggest to every patient a plan that is adapted to their own needs and goals. My major challenge is to prepare since the first session, the final phase which is the stabilization phase. It is not all about losing weight, it is also about maintaining that weight loss and it is a process to follow since the beginning. These are the two fundamental elements of a successful weight loss. Losing weight without a seasonal diet, is actually possible!

Starting a real and visible weight loss: Losing weight to get motivated

In order to prepare for the stabilization phase, explaining to the patient how their body works is important.

According to the last studies, only 15 to 20% of patients who have lost weight managed to keep it off for good. Most of the people who have lost weight strictly deprive themselves from the food they love without making any actual effective efforts and they eventually end up gaining weight instead. Long-term strict diets are not good and can be quite frustrating and discouraging. Short attack phases however are possible if and only if all the required conditions are there, in order to motivate the patient by giving them a higher encouraging goal.

I personally never force a patient to follow a weight loss plan that they do not want. We always try our best in the first session, to discuss the different possibilities that we can adapt and it is always the patient’s choice and what they are comfortable with.

I assist and help my patient throughout their whole weight loss journey (slow, progressive or fast) by respecting their body needs, but most importantly by explaining to them the risks of a sudden abundance of these new habits.

Some patients drop their new habits as soon as they achieve their goals and they end up gaining back a lot of weight unfortunately. Maintaining these new healthy habits is very important to keep that weight off, but that however does not prevent the patient from indulging themselves sometimes and this is the tricky part: treating yourself from time to times will NOT make you gain weight, the daily abundance of the balanced diet will though. The concept of indulgence is very important and it is NOT recommended to be constantly deprived and resisting to food cravings, because sometimes you just need some fries or that cupcake, you know? and it is completely fine!

Each patient is unique! and tracking weight loss progress depends on each one of them differently, it could be sustained and without interruption or it could be the opposite. It all depends on the patient’s goals, expectations and motivations.

My approaches and strategies allow my patients to lose weight successfully without gaining it back and it is all planned since the first session.

Gender, age, goals, personal and professional environment are all important factors to consider while deciding the right weight loss plan for the patient. A plan that is monitored and controlled is not risky, it is actually the opposite. losing weight comfortably without full-on distraction from their social life is definitely possible.

Weight loss helps reduce several problems associated to obesity and overweight:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, shortness of breath
  • Self-perception
  • Heart problems
  • Joint problems
  • Cholesterol, Triglycerides
  • Hypertension

Temptations, craving unhealthy food and feeling frustrated during a weight loss journey is natural and is completely OK! These times can be quite hard and complicated and guilt should not be an option so go ahead and eat that cupcake and move on with your day.

That is why I am here to listen and pay attention to my patients and help them overcome every one of their concerns and difficulties, without any judgments. I kindly help them to stay focused, trust themselves, manage their struggles while staying highly motivated. We are here all the way to guarantee a successful weight loss journey for you.

Knowing how their body works is key to losing weight successfully.