All fad diets are to be avoided! Each year, the miracle diets bloom in the women’s press, on the web … New commercial weight loss companies, with revolutionary new processes appear each spring and disappear each fall.

These fashion effects are dangerous for consumers. They are dangerous for the body and cause many deficiencies. Consumers are waiting for a miracle recipe that magically appears when the first rays of sun come out. Believing in ease is often easier than rolling up one’s sleeves and tackling the problem. The only effective solution recognised by all medical and scientific authorities is a real follow-up by a qualified professional adapted to the needs of the patient and his tailor-made follow-up. Avoid the miracle diets that promise to lose weight quickly without seeing you.

If that existed, health professionals would be the first to know. Consult a Certified Nutritionist is the safety to lose weight in good health.

Why consult a professional to lose weight?

The qualified dietitian nutritionist is the only professional of the food. Following the advice of a professional in another discipline does not guarantee that you have the right advice for your body. Nutrition is a science that needs to be adapted to everyone’s needs (height, age, gender, environment).

The qualified nutritionist dietician has studied to obtain a degree that allows him to practice. It is the security of having a follow-up adapted to one’s body and needs, without following an incoherent mode effect that guarantees a systematic failure. There is no one-size-fits-all method that can be given to everyone …