These snacks that we can allow according to the nutritionists

Are you hungry and it’s not yet time for lunch? No problem ! Sweet, salty … There is something for everyone! We must focus on foods rich in good nutrients: fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

– A piece of bread

Choose it full, with nuts or hazelnuts. To spice up this snack a little, you can accompany it with one or two squares of chocolate. The one of your choice. « The snack is above all a moment of relaxation, a break to have fun. »

– A hard egg

An egg hard to taste, a priori, we would tend to say so. And yet! It contains all the essential amino acids to give us energy: proteins + carbohydrates + lipids, in the ideal proportions.

– A dairy

A yoghurt or a glass of milk for example. You can even allow yourself a piece of cheese « The bottom line is to be reasonable about the quantities. »

– Vegetables

Mini carrots, cherry tomatoes, radishes … So many little vegetables that are easy to eat. And practical to take everywhere.

– One fruit

If there is one category of foods where you can allow everything, these are the fruits! « The banana is the ideal fruit because it is the most satisfying.More is not to choose too mature, the sugar will pass less quickly in the blood. »

– Nuts

Almonds, nuts, hazelnuts … Like banana, they will stall you until dinner. « The 4pm snack is highly recommended, because the pace of three meals a day does not meet 100% of the needs of the body. » A handful of dried fruits at tea time will prevent you from snacking.

And side drink? We allow all water-based variants: tea, herbal tea, coffee. You can also choose a fruit juice 100% pure juice, which replaces the fruit of the snack. The best way to avoid being beaten is to consume three meals and a snack a day. « It is advisable to eat every four hours.The snack is to be taken around 3pm-4pm according to the hour of the lunch and the dinner. »

The particular case of athletes

When playing sports, it is recommended to eat two snacks. One before the session, one after.

– Dried fruits and nuts

Ideal snack to consume before the effort: the dried fruits, rich in minerals and vitamins, the base for the sportsmen. « They are a concentrate of fast sugars and, moreover, easy to take away. »

– A cereal bar

« It contains slow sugars, good for athletes. » Says Caroline Gérardin. We prefer cereal bars with almonds, nuts, or hazelnuts, and zap those chocolate, too sweet. « Be careful not to fall into the trap of so-called diet cereal bars, which are too rich in quick sugars. » Recommends Pascal Nourtier.

– A dairy product

After a session of sport, the muscles work during 24h. So we need good proteins to rebuild muscle mass. « It is recommended to eat dairy products because they contain fast and slow proteins, essential when you have just spent your time physically. »

– A « cake of the effort »

And why not simmer your own snack? We love the concept of « cake of the effort ». « Made with dried fruits, nuts, almonds … all homemade. » « Stress Cake » recipe inspiration right here.

Finally, to rehydrate: water, water and more water. « After a physical effort, the body has lost a lot of its water, so rehydration must be important. » To enjoy the benefits of the snack, rely on products full of good nutrients: boost assured!